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Monday, September 30, 2013

Loyal to the end..



 (Metal Gear Solid 3: The Boss second intro) "I'm loyal to the end,  whats it gonna be loyalty to me or loyalty your mission your duty to your unit or your personal feelings."

The discussion about loyalty got me thinking rather it be relationships, money or whatever and this is something I never fully understood. How can you cheat on someone and still love them, a good friend of mine told me that "just because you cheat on her doesn't mean you don't love her." I thought this was crap the guilty mind does try to rationalize what it does so that the person can feel better about what they are doing.
 Another girl said that this was possible well not for her but she said it was possible that people usually give a person one chance. Well everything starts at zero not one when you think about it if you turn zero into one, one turns into ten and ten turns into one hundred to prevent the problem you have to keep it at zero. And if zero ever turns into one that person has to understand that that's what they will be one the only one there hearing their own echo.

    And I know some of you don't agree but y'all mostly probably been cheated on and let zero become one or are cheating guilty mind protects itself like I said. So I kind of answered my own question today about can you love someone even though they cheat and the answer is HELL NO and this is why CHOICE.

There is always a choice no matter what if five of the baddest females walked in my room right now naked I mean no matter how excited I am I can still dictate what happens next no one can make me do anything that I don't wanna do.

So people choose to cheat no matter how you cut it and the love is not there because if you choose to do something that hurts the one you really love then I guess you never loved them in the first place right? There is no such thing as it just happened or I made a mistake, mistake is defined as a misunderstanding and its hard to misunderstand sex I mean real hard.

And I know the cheaters and the poor souls who allowed zero to turn into one are gonna say "why you hating let sleeping dogs lie." Don't "mistake" me I don't care about people cheating whatever it happens I know people who do, but it blows my mind for people to say that they love the person when it is just not true. You can't live a lie if your not loyal to the end then you don't love that person.

Gen Robert D Talton
"If I was God the place in hell for disloyal people would be a empty room with one mirror so they could forever tell themselves how right they are."

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