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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tell me Something Tuesday

Tell me something if people are so with the idea of commitment why is it so hard to commit. It’s like everywhere I go someone is together but they not together know what I mean? It’s like people get together catch all these feeling and get into something I like to call a situationship.

And in these “situationships” it’s like either one or both parties is in the current relationship but they have more issue that keep them together other than just letting go of something destructive.  Tell me something else why is the destructive nature of the relationship used for people to stay together? It’s like people would rather say they have someone and be unhappy than let go and be alone and be happy. 

It’s like people have the Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez syndrome now I don’t watch Love and Hip Hop and I really have no idea what goes on in that show. But from what I understand is Stevie J is the destructive force in that relationship and Joseline will do anything to keep it going. The key is to love yourself and be a maker not a taker, what I mean by that is.

Make your own happiness don’t take it from someone else, make your own choices it don’t take the time to blame others, and Make the decision to be your own man or woman and not let someone else define your happiness. I think in doing this everyone could fine the happiness within and not have to look outward for those “situationships”.

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