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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Picture of the Day

This picture of the famous metaphor cloak and dagger reminds me of the duality of what I have been discussing so far in this blog. The dagger represents to me protection of the person that means the most to you.
The dagger also can have a double meaning in that we can often times hurt the people that we care for the most. Well maybe I say the dagger has a triple meaning as in it can be double edged.
We sometimes end up stabbing ourselves in the pursuit of happiness with the very dagger that we want to protect others with and from.
The cloak on the other hand has many meanings different people will view the cloak and different ways. One way I see it is secrecy often times we hide ourselves from ourselves meaning that people don't like to face their own truths.
This make it harder to connect with someone that you care for because if can't love yourself how can you muster the courage to love others. Love is a game of give and take and people behind these cloaks often times can't open up enough to give or take. 
By all means the cloak doesn't have to mean shrouded in mystery we taking about matters of relationships it could also mean a new uniform. A mantle in a sense that one takes up for the person that they care about the most.
This mantle can be used to represent a new identity for one self.  I don't know these are just thoughts my thoughts I would like to view  your thoughts on the matter..........

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